Interactive moving image installation
Application design


installation view


In my understanding of time, time sometimes is not very accurate, inlfuenced by the inner side of us. It automatically changes through our mood in situations.
In “Clocking”, I tried to create a tool that would modify time by our movements. The pendulous time here fluctuates by the second hand and minute hand. They are disturbed by the camera image capture that people walk by.

I wrote code in Processing software to create this real time interactive clock. Time speeds up or slows down by our different speed of life. I represent this clock in a small room space. Through the indivivual movements in front of the camera on a computer screen, the individual time on the clock was projected as a public clock. Visually, the live moving image reflection as the background of the clock becomes the mirror of time.

May 7, 2014


Clocking Documentary at BronxArt Space


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