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Aged fake ancient (The wander of Beijing)

2016, on-going
60 seconds * 60 minutes * 24 hours * 365 days = 31536000 seconds
Single channel video projection in cinema
Audience required wearing ear stuffs for watching

“Aged fake ancient” is artist, filmmaker Qi You’s first film after she has returned to Beijing after her 3 year MFA study in United States. She used an iPhone on VHS cam app to document the changes of Beijing from her daily trips in local taxis. Holding a selfie stick as a special tripod creates a unique moving-image atmosphere of waves. The work is composed of every single ride in narrative: getting in the cab, constantly in conversation with local cab drivers, getting out of the cab. As Qi view that the Beijing local taxi driver offers a very real perspective on the city’s growth at a daily pace.

Amazingly, these natural topics happened with each Beijing taxi drivers’ relaxing chatting are quite similar in their profound, thoughtful, humorous ways. For example the memories of Beijing of the past became the most common content from their words. As Qi’s video work always been explored the possibilities of seeing and listening, this documentary became very interesting between what we are watching is the spectacle of Beijing now, but what you are listening is the documentary of the memories of the real Beijing in the local folks’ eyes. The old locals’ nostalgic expression gives the viewers an experience of this gradually disappearing community of Beijingers by imagination of the audience.

During the screening of this film, the audience was provided ear muffs for this double documentaries experience. Wearing ear muffs as barrier for the voice of truth about this city’s changes creates each inner spaces for the viewers. Instead of waiting to listen passively in the theater, it makes the audience get to hear their own breathing sound than anything.

She keeps the whole quality of the duration in this bleached out fake VHS effect that provide the context of aged time. With the view of cab window’s frame, we have been pushed as observers in the cab, face to face with the strangers on the street. Faces been zoom in weirdly close that we can’t tell the character of them, only the lost expressions.

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